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To, že TES séria už od Daggerfallu nie je vpodstate ani RPG, prakticky nefunkčná mágia ktorá sa každým titulom zkresávala až napokon skončila na úrovni elemental sepllov a nikdy nefungujúca ekonomika, kedy na leveli 6 vie mať hráč tolko gp, že vykúpil celý obchod sú typické črty práce vývojarkeho týmu Toda Howarda. Tak isto ako vždy predčasne vydané hry plné bugov a infinite spawn/drop glitchov s roka na rok opakujucimi sa voice actormi a s tým najhorším systémom companionov aký kedy kto vymyslel.  A to ani nehovorím o poslednom chabom pokuse rozbiť moderskú komunitu spoplatnením modov.
Po velmi zle zpracovanom Falloute 3 musela Bethesda takmer okamžite zapožičať práva na Fallout Obsidianu aby im zbúchal dobrý New Vegas ktorý mal čo to doseba a pripomenul nám časy legendárnej dvojky. Pohár trpezlivosti pretiekol práve vtedy keď Bethesda zobrala doparády dalšie pokračovanie mojej oblúbenej série. Potom čo som so znechutením odohral akú-takú dobu, aby som si vedel spraviť názor, som sa rozhodol napísať svoj feedback na support Bethesdy ktorá mi stále neodpísala. Preto so msa rozhodol zverejnit ho aj tu.

Hello Bethesda!

My name is [censored] and I am from Slovakia. I WAS devoted fan work of your's, but after I spent almost 50 hours in your latest game (it's Fallout 4 because I bet you even didn't know that) I have to say, I am deeply disappointed. I've written down list of things that are definitly not bugs and makes the game sucks in all ways. Lets get straight to business, shall we...


  1. armor, legendary drops of armor, guns ect. It feels way to much like a crappy MMO. Leg and Arm armor with +perception on it? How the heck does this bracer make me see better? Arbitrary stats on gear that makes no sense. Feels more like an MMO then Fallout.


  1. Most the scripted combat areas, which so far is almost all of them. Ghouls climbing through windows, the molerats, OMG the molerats! It removes any covert tactical play at all. You walk into a room you can see the window shape and everything and think, Yep a ghoul is going to climb through that window as soon as I trigger this door on the other side and.... yep. It feels a bit like Doom 3 where you could just point out all the redundantly stupid places a demon woudl spawn as soon as you walked past it, so you would walk backward and shoot it in the face as you literally watched it spawn. This also removes a huge portion of tactical play of scouting out areas, because some of the crap doesn't spwan till your in it, This has a very console gammy campy feel to it.


  1. Difficulty settings. They are generic as crap. Survivor setting just ramps up enemy damage till bloatflies fill you in two hits. No hardcore setting like New Vegas with eat, drink, sleep, bullet weight. Its almost a copy paste of some horrible FPS games like Destriny and even some decent ones like Borderlands were the difficulty just makes you do less damage, gives enemies more health, and makes enemies do more damage. Kind of expected a bit more from the difficulty slider.


  1. That E3 gameplay we all seen, and played at the Museum. Okay seriously tell me. Why the heck is a deathclaw even going to turn up in the middle of a firefight just to fight me? What is it starving so much its going to ignore all the potential hazards just to show up and attack me cause it thinks i'm some kind of super threat to its lair, rather then murder all the poorly armored and virtually helpess raiders and eat them cause they are food? Again this is some pretty campy scripted combat, not aimed at immersing you in the Fallout feeling, but as a poorly written joy ride of combat.


  1. The Combat itself just doesn't feel like Fallout to me. The melee feels a bit like Dead Island, which isn't a bad thing, that was an insanely fun game, well the first one was, side stepping a charging zombie and decapitating it with one well aimed swing was super thrilling everytime. Can you do that here in Fallout 4? yeah, sure, as long as its a weak generic one, but not anything tougher then that because of the way they arbitrarly assign massive amounts to hit points to 'mini bosses' like glowing ghouls whom you can litteraly hack off both their arms and they aren't even phased in the slightest, other then that they don't have no arms they still bite you, a lot.
    The combat icon on the HUD, in previous games it showed up as a red dot when you could clearly identify they were an enemy and you could actually see them. In this game. Nope.. Nothing shows up on your Hud until your actually in combat with it, my character must be completely blind, the issues with this, is that is majorly detracts from your experience of being aware of your surroundings. In 3, and New Vegas this is how you the player compensated for not having panaromic vision like you would in the real world, tracking and trying to keep an eye on multiple enemies at once. With this you can just walk right up to them and no radar blip until they started shooting at you.
    The molerats.. The @#$@#%@# molerats.. These things don't just burrow and ambush, They @#$@#@ teleport! They burrow and ambush from different floors! The only limit to their area is if there is any exposed dirt, it feels like i'm fighting that character from some @!#ing anime series who teleports in and out of your shadow, or they are obsessed with trying to climb up my  butt thinking its another burrow. More arbitraty game mechanics aimed at twitch play, rather then the immersion of Fallout. And that's bad, and you should feel badly about it.


  1. The lack of weapons. Hear me out here. There is a lot of mods for the weapons, but there is like 2 or 3 weapons per ammo types, thats it. You like to play with a handgun? Want options? Good luck, its either this 10mm, or its a pipe revolver. You can turn a laser rifle into a laser pistol if you want, but its still the same basic weapon core your just changing the handle on it. Which means everyone  is just going to configure it to the maximum stats and thats that. Fallout was set in the 1950's mindset of the future, so it included a lot of 1950's era weapons, some with a futuristic twist on them. What happened to all the weapons we loved in Fallout? Where is the Assault Rifles, the AK's the M16's, the generic military sniper rifle (not the bolt action, or pipe version, but the semi automatic ones) Where is the SMG's, or the Gauss Rifle? Most of these are lore weapons used by the Unite States Army during the war, but they are all magically disappeared from the Boston area?
    Sure you can turn your pipe rifle into an automatic weapon, swap the barrel and grip and make it an SMG, but it still isn't the 10mm SMG, You can make the 10mm pistol an automatic weapon, but even then its still NOT the 10mm SMG, Then its just an automatic pistol with a extended magazine that goes pprrrrrrppp, and your empty, cause it doesn't have the ammo capacity to make automatic viable.
    If you wanted an M16 or AK47, you got to settle with a combat rifle, thats it. that's your options, why is this our only option? Wasn't their a huge war with China, we kind of got use to their being Ak47's around here..


  1. The male actors voice. Sure it was a big thing to finally voice the actor, but was it really a good idea? He sounds like a pansy half the time, like he just got a degree in pyschologically and wants to comfort everyone with cupcakes. Zero assertiveness in his tone, like ever, and this is suppose to be someone on a mission, whos been shot and chased since he/she left the vault and yet they still seem to want to make everyone get along and hug it out...
    There was one quest where I talked the guy into doing the non combat option just for the xp reward, and what did I do afterwards? I SHOT HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD AS HE WALKED AWAY! But my voiced character? He was quite a gullible sissy while 'negotiating' with the npcs who was a total dbag, and you knew he was a dirt bag but your character still talks to him like your talking to a neighbor you run into at the grocery store.  I'm just not feeling like hes in the right mind set for surviving the nuclear wasteland, thank god his primal instincts (me the player) are prepared to survive the wasteland...  This is what the Incredible Hulk must feel like when hes trapped in Bruce Banner's body, watching and listening to him be a complete sissy until he gets to take over and fix it, with violence cause that's the only option the weaker persona has left them.


  1. Power Armor, I'm a huge lore fan here if you can't tell. I been playing Fallout since Fallout 1. Can someone please explain to me how a fusion cell, fully charged lasts for about a day? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Brotherhood of Steel has marched power armor clear across the damn United States, and go on long extended patrols, as well as travel for months to setup outposts near large cities. They would have had to transport a Crates and Crates of Fusion Cells to travel from California to DC. Ever heard about math? K lets do some. One cell a day, per power armor, 365 cells for the year, there was an entire group that went so lets say 20 or 30 power armors, which it was realisticlly way more. Thats like 7,500 Fusion Cells and thats low balling it, not including all the cells they would need to continue functioning after they setup a base. So what the heck is the deal with these fusion cells?! Its another arbitrary game mechanic is what it is. So you don't go plowing around through every quest in power armor like a walking tank. Okay I can get that, but still their duration is just garbage, where you need 2 cells per quest just to get in and out, and fast travel back home running on nearly empty...Screw it, I just hack every robot I can find and then crouch behind it and push it forward into the overly obvious scripted combat area. Guess what? Its actually way more effective and cheap then running around in power armor all day.


  1. Companions. Especially that damn dog. Stupid dog, Bad Dog! Sneaking? Not on this dogs watch! It's gonna break sneaking and run over their and attack that ghoul Thats what its gonna do! Trying to sneak up on stuff and take it out quietly with a machete? lol good luck with a companion... Just leaving them at home and taknig the Wanderer Perk... Nothing but a headache, they weren't exactly amazing in Fallout 3 or New Vegas either, but they weren't this stupid... Every time I come home my dog gets all excited runs into my house and spams with me how hes found something. Yes I know! The chest is full of guns you stupid dog, I put them there!


These were just 9 things that hurt me lot, but believe me, there is a dozens otherones. Like stupid ending, sadly small number of factions to join in, totaly made up factions, character's mimics ad so on! You just made your worst game ever and ruined the Fallout, hope you are pround on it.

Fallout 4 je zlá hra ktorá ani zďaleka nespĺňa požiadavky na kvalitné RPG a snaží sa vyhovárať na stavebný ingame editor ktorý mení hru na Sims s Postapo-DLC. Týmto vyzývam všekých čo pracovali na poslednom Falloute, menovite Todda Howarda ktorý hru prezentoval ako Witcher-smashera, aby si zahrali Fallout 1, 2 a NV a aby ozaj povedali či sú hrdí na to čo spáchali hre a jej fanúšikom.

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